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Elderberry Holistic Health
Are you thinking about becoming healthy and don't know where to begin? Is conventional medicine hard to access? Or it's not helping as you thought it would? Have you been looking into natural ways of healing? Not sure what is best. Maybe you are a holistic practitioner, herbalist, alternative medicine practitioner. Maybe hoping to find a community to share and inspire.

Here @ Elderberry Holistic Health we will be talking about the basics of nutrition. How and why it is important. Along with other body systems and how we can support, heal and aid them. Also, Herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy, cupping (hijmah), and other alternative medicines.

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Rena & Yasmeen Vail

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Salam walakum,

@Elderberry Holistic Health podcast we are a mother-daughter team we are so excited to be able to share about holistic health.
My name is Rena I am a certified holistic Naturopathic Practitioner. I Graduated in 2006 and have been continuing my studies and practice ever since. We hope you can benefit from the audios. If there are any questions please contact us at elderberryholistichealth@gmail.com